Willa Cather Elementary School

Willa Cather
Elementary School

2908 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612

Hattie B. King

Assistant Principal:
Wanda Carey


(773) 534-6780

(773) 534-6727

We Educate, We Learn, We Excel!


Dear Parents & Community Partners,

Cather’s vision is that ALL students will take active roles in obtaining academic success in a nurturing environment where literacy provides the educational foundation, and literature and writing is the common thread for all teaching and learning. A strong academic press will challenge students to reach their fullest potential and prepare them to take their places as productive citizens in a highly technological, multi-cultural society.

We have a great team of teachers and staff members who are committed to providing high quality instruction, personalism and care for each individual student. We believe that our students are the BEST and deserve the BEST!

Please make an effort to come in to see how Cather is growing and improving by leaps and bounds, and then to take part in our parent workshops and other activities throughout the school year. Become familiar with the school policies and procedures that have helped us to transform Cather into a culture where Excellence is not the goal... it’s the Standard. We truly believe that All children can learn, and that together... we make the difference.

With warm regards,
Principal Hattie King






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